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This series features digital nomads in Taipei. Who are they? What brought them here?

Meet Avinasha Sastry, a programmer and startup advisor from India, and co-founder of Second Breakfast.

Why did you choose to come to Taipei?

It wasn’t on my radar initially, but my wife Ruchika, who founded the travel site Second Breakfast, was invited to experience Taiwan by the Taiwan tourism board and I came along for the ride. We decided to extend the trip by staying in Taipei for a month.

How long have you been here for? How long do you intend to stay?

I’ve spent about 3 weeks in Taipei and explored Tainan for a few days. Unfortunately we can’t spend more time here because of visas issues. But we can’t wait to come back.

What do you love and hate about Taipei?

I love how kind people are, it’s so incredibly clean, there is so much nature in the city, the people are so organized, the traffic is smooth, the MRT is so convenient. It’s an incredible city. I honestly cannot thing of a single thing I hate.

How was your experience at DigiQuarters?

DQ is my first experience with co-living and I really like it. The apartment is completely functional and the location is perfect. So close to the markets, MRT, and also a great are to explore by walk. There are lots of cafes to work nearby. The people here are very kind and friendly and sharing a house with them feels like we are a little family. Also I got to make some connections that will help me with my work.

How do you compare it to back home?

The digital nomad culture in India is still in early stages and is yet to catch on. So compared to that, Taipei is incredible. It is completely geared up for digital nomads in different professions. The quality of life is much better. India has a lot of beautiful places to explore. But Taiwan being a smaller and much more developed country, exploring the different parts of the island country while working at the same time is much more easier. And Taiwan offers green mountains, tropical beaches, national parks and hiking trails, culture and history as well as the modern city life, which makes it a great choice for digital nomads.

How is the tech nomad startup culture in Taipei?

Since I’ve been working on my own projects and travelling around Taiwan, I haven’t really had the chance to explore the tech culture of the city. I have seen that overall the tech community is very open to digital nomads from abroad and there are a lot of meet-ups and events you can attend. I guess learning Mandarin would be a step to being part of the tech and startup culture. And it’s just a short flight away from digital nomads hubs in south-east Asia like Saigon and Bangkok.

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