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A Digital Nomad in Taipei: Barry Teoh

This series features digital nomads in Taipei. Who are they? What brought them here?

DigiQuarters A Digital Nomad in Taipei: Barry Teoh

Meet Barry Teoh, a Canadian UX designer and app developer.

Why did you choose to come to Taipei?

I like the food and hiking. Also have some friends around too which helps a lot.

How long have you been here for, how long do you intend to stay?

Probably total time I've spent in Taipei all adds up to about 6 months. Right now I'm taking a look at how much it would cost to study Chinese in Taiwan (2017!). 

What do you love and hate about Taipei?

I love the food, coffee culture, friendly people, YouBikes, and general laidback-ness.

What I dislike is probably harder to find other like minded expats / travellers / nomads than somewhere as central as Hong Kong. As I love sharing stories with travellers. Would love to see a platform or community come out of this (happy to help build it). Also seems to be a lack of spicy food (sichuan).

Also few bitcoin businesses (or bitcoin cashout machines)

Do you think Taipei is a good city for digital nomads - why or why not?

It definitely has potential. 

How does it compare to your last destination?

Definitely a lot fewer expats / travellers / nomads to meet (see the part about dislikes), but I'm cool with that though. The countryside is beautiful.

How is the tech/nomad/startup culture here?

Startup culture seems quite local focused on local issues. Not that its a bad thing. Nomad I hear about it all it's ok, not as big as Thailand.

Where can we learn more about you?

You can check out 

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