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A Digital Nomad in Taipei: Lubo Jurik

This series features digital nomads in Taipei. Who are they? What brought them here?

A Digital Nomad in Taipei: Lubo Jurik

Meet Lubo Jurik, a Slovakian Entrepreneur, Educator, Blogger, and Online Marketer.

Why did you choose to come to Taipei?

In Asia, I have lived in Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia, and I have heard that Taiwan is a good place for living as well, so I wanted to give it a try. It's not a typical digital nomad hotspot such as Chiang Mai or Bali, and not a typical tourist hotspot either. I like to do something different, so I came here to check it out for 3 months. At the end, I stayed for over 9 month already, and still counting.

How long have you been here for, how long do you intend to stay?
9 months so far (though I have been in Asia for over 2.5 years now), but I am not sure about how long I will stay more at the moment. I planned to stay for 3-6 months more, but I have also been thinking of moving to Kaohsiung, but haven't decided yet.

What do you love and hate about Taipei?

I love the parks and creative parks in Taipei, the night markets and the food, the YouBikes and the MRT, and I love that there is always something happening here. I come from a small town of just 50,000 people, so I like bustling, alive cities.

What I don't like about Taipei is the winter, which is too cold and rainy for me, and that some people here are racist, especially against white males. As a white male myself, I have never experienced more racism towards me than here in Taipei.

Do you think Taipei is a good city for digital nomads - why or why not?

That's a tough question. I believe that Taipei has a huge potential, but it needs more nomads. Once there will be enough nomads living here, it will be a great nomad spot. For now, there are not that many of us.

Also, Taipei city can get a little pricey, and especially renting mid-term can be a problem. It's difficult to find a reasonably priced accommodation on a monthly basis. They usually expect 12, or at least 6-months contract, which is, I believe, one of the main reasons for why there are not that many digital nomads living here. We don't want to sign up to stay somewhere for a year, since we are often not sure what will happen next month.

One of the best advantages of living in Taiwan is the visa. No need to apply, simply come here, get a stamp and get 90 days. Then do a visa run to some near by country (the flights are super cheap), come back and get another 90 days. Easy and hassle-free.

I have also talked about Taipei as a potential digital nomad hotspot with Johnny FD on his podcast a few months ago.

How does it compare to your last destination?
I lived in Kuala Lumpur for 3 months before Taipei, but I can't really compare it. I was staying with a local girl the whole time, so I was not really "nomading" but living more of a "normal" life, working from home, going to the gym, hanging out with my girl, and not really meeting many other people.

When I think about it, I prefer living in Taipei than KL, since KL is mostly shopping malls, which I am not a big fan of. Also, most Taiwanese (at least in Taipei) are pretty open minded and the culture is more friendly.

How is the tech/nomad/startup culture here?
To be honest, I am not sure. I am more of a secluded digital nomad. I don't go to co-working spaces much and I hangout mostly with the locals. I am in Asia especially for the culture and the people, not for other digital nomads. Of course, I love meeting like-minded people and other entrepreneurs, so if someone is around, I am more than happy to meet, but I am not really searching for it.

What I know is that there are lots of and tech/startup groups, but I don't have personal experience with any of them. I don't know about any active digital nomad group in Taipei either. Usually, if some digital nomad comes into Taipei for a few days or week, they find me and ask me to hang out - as Johnny did, and a few others, including Nicole Fu (who was also featured here).

Where can we find out more about you?

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