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A Digital Nomad in Taipei: Nicole Fu

This series features digital nomads in Taipei. Who are they? What brought them here?

Digital Nomad Nicole Fu at Yangmingshan, Taipei, Taiwan

Meet Nicole Fu, a Singaporean-Canadian Full Stack Marketer.

Why did you choose to come to Taipei?

I was going to be in Tokyo, and looked on a map where's nearby that I could go to after. I had planned on going to Jeju Island, South Korea, but it was quite hard and expensive to get there from Tokyo. Taiwan is close to Tokyo as well, and somewhere I've never been, so voila!

How long have you been here for, how long do you intend to stay?

I've been here for almost 2 weeks, and plan to stay for another week or two before heading to somewhere else in Taiwan - probably Hualien and/or Kaohsiung. I like to stay somewhere for a month to really get to know the place.

What do you love and hate about Taipei?

I love that it's such a green city, and surrounded by mountains too. I love how they're big on recycling. I love the bike culture (bicycle, not motorbike!), though I hate how pedestrians don't quite respect bike lanes (and don't respond to bells!).

Do you think Taipei is a good city for digital nomads - why or why not?

It is! Taipei is often compared to Thailand, which is a hub for digital nomads. It's a pretty affordable city to live in, good wifi is readily available, as are cafes and co-working spaces to work out of. And there are a whole bunch of nature-y places nearby, perfect for weekend trips.

How does it compare to your last destination?

Before Taipei, I was on vacation in Tokyo, which burned quite a hole in my pocket. And as I was showing Canadian friends around Tokyo (it was one of their first times in Asia!), it was a jam-packed vacation, and I arrived in Taipei feeling pretty tired. Since here, I've been catching up on rest, exercise, and work; it's been nice to get back into the groove, and find a routine. I've found a nearby local gym (with AC!), which I didn't manage to find in South East Asia. I've also been cooking, which I haven't had the opportunity to in my 8 months nomading as I've been living in hotel rooms etc with no kitchens.

How is the tech/nomad/startup culture here?

I'm not quite sure yet to be honest. I attended one entrepreneur event that I found via, and perhaps I'm not finding many events via or Facebook since I've been searching in English, not Mandarin.

Where can we learn more about you?, or @nicolejfu on Twitter (:

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