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Cost Analysis of Taipei

Cost living in Taipei

Taipei exists on the border of traditional and modern lifestyles, it's up to you to choose how you want to experience this city. Local markets and street stalls share the block with elegant lounges and western restaurants, so your budget depends purely on your taste.

For our price analysis we want to show you the lower and upper bounds, and let you decide how you want to experience Taipei. All prices are in local currency NT, which at the time of writing is about 1 USD = 30 NT.

Ballpark monthly estimate = 1,200 USD will get you a pretty comfortable lifestyle.

Breakdown - Food, Lodging & Transport


Coffee: 50 - 200 NT

Most of the coffee is imported so priced a bit higher, with the 7/11 always holding down the cheaper option.

Beer: 40 - 350 NT

Local Taiwan beer at a bar for 150 NT, craft brews for about 300, and of course 7/11 cans for about 40 NT.

Breakfast: 70 - 200 NT

Local breakfast can start with a sandwich or egg pancake with soy milk, or a western continental breakfast for the upper bound.

Lunch: 80 - 300 NT

For lunches at the office we usually pick up pork + rice + fishball soup for about 100 NT, beef noodle or beef rice are also popular. If you want a standard western burger, easy to find but for western prices.

Dinner: 100 - 500 NT

Dumplings, beef noodle, fried rice are on the cheaper end. Full servings of fish and ribs for about 200 NT, and all kinds of western eats on the high end.

Pizza: 300 NT

1 Large Pizza... for reference.


Hostel: 400 - 600 NT

Standard shared dorm room

Hotel: 2.000 NT+

For a private room at a hotel. Tourism is quite popular so on the weekends hotels are booked and prices can double.

Short Term Rental for 1 month: 20.000 - 30.000 NT

Gets you a private room, on a month to month basis with no contract.

Long Term Rental 6+ months: 10.000 NT+

If you're willing to sign a lease or look for a sublet you can really cut down the price. Craigslist and some Facebook groups are best to look for roommates.


Taxi: 100 - 400 NT

Taxis start at 75 NT to enter, and about 400 to go across the whole city.

MRT/Metro/Subway: 20 - 40 NT

40NT will get you anywhere in the city, just remember the last train is at midnight.

YouBike: 10 NT+

You bike stations are all over the city and an awesome alternative to traffic, especially if you missed the last MRT. They cost 10 NT per 30 minutes for the first 4 hours, then price goes up.

High Speed Rail: The high speed rail can take you to all major cities around the island. It's a quick and convenient option for getting around Taiwan. Reserved seats are soft and comfortable, if you don't reserve you risk standing for the trip.

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