• Live and Work Together


    Our public space and patio have been converted into a relaxed working environment with AC and WIFI clocking in at around 260 Mbps down and 230 Mbps up. In addition to an endless supply of coffee 24/7, we have multiple glass walls which you can plan, brainstorm, or just go marker-crazy on.


    During the week we host meetups, presentations, and social events to help you get connected to the Taipei tech network.

    Communal Living

    We work to create a social, affordable, and independent lifestyle for our residents. Our co-living rooms features air conditioned dorms with 2 or 4 beds each; cosy enough to get to know your neighbors, and quiet enough to get a good rest. There's a fully stocked kitchen that welcomes cooks of all levels, and a patio to relax on with a coffee, beer, or beverage of choice.


    Taiwan is a small island with many opportunities for adverturin', so along with our professional events we plan social outings to local hiking trails, surf breaks, and historical sites all around Taiwan.

    The Neighborhood

    Located in central Taipei near the Dongmen MRT station our space is right in heart of this busy city. Steps away you'll find convenience stores, grocery stores, and restaurants aplenty, as well as vendors selling fruits and vegetables, and of course, bubble tea.


    Are you the active type? Good news: we are a short walk away from Daan Forest Park and multiple gyms and athletic centers.


    Wander around our neighborhood during the day and you will find plenty of restaurants, lounges, and coffee shops to enjoy after work. On the weekends hop on the subway and explore the nightlife all around Taipei, with most bars and nightclubs open until 5am.

  • FAQ

    How fast is your wifi?

    ~ 200 up / down. Skype, Netflix, Twitch at the same time.

    Can I rent a desk without staying with you?

    Since our space is limited our desks are reserved for our tenants, but if you're in Taipei you're welcome to stop by one of our meetups or join us for an outing.

    How long should I stay?

    We prefer guests stay for at least a couple weeks to really experience the city, and to build up the community with some consistency. But if your plans change we can adjust as needed.

    Do you speak English?


    What rooms are available?

    Same-sex rooms with 2 or 4 beds. Make a reservation via the form below or via Airbnb.


    Single Room

    700 USD / Month
    1800 USD/ Quarter

    2 beds discounted for 1 person

    2 Person Dorm

    400 USD / Month

    1000 USD/ Quarter

    4 Person Dorm

    300 USD / Month

    800 USD/ Quarter

  • Have more questions? Let us know!

    We'd love to hear from. You + us = awesome.

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