• Resources for Nomads

    Useful links, maps and guides to get you set up in a new city.

    A great resource for launching your company in Taiwan. They offer access to investment, mentorship, and a general first dive into the local startup community.

    Emergency phone numbers, electricity plugs, vaccinations, and general first stop basics for your trip.

    Calendar of Taiwanese festivals and events. Enjoy the island's traditional celebrations, visit modern expos or compete in marathons - plenty ways to keep you busy.

    We did the numbers and put together and price analysis of the basic necessities, entertainment and general cost of living in Taipei.

    If you're looking for a little more transport freedom outside the rail system, consider renting a scooter to get around. Especially great for longer trips around the island. English speaking guys at Bikefarm can sort you out.

  • Explore Taipei

    We did some of the legwork for you, just star these maps to access them on the go!

    If you want to stay active, check out the beautiful hiking trails or rent a YouBike to explore the plethora of bike paths. Conquer the crowds to sample local food and shop till you drop at the Night Markets that come alive after 6pm. Pop into a cafe or two for a break or to get some work done in true "I'm a nomad working at a coffice" style.

    The nightlife in Taipei boasts many options, and as such is very popular with both locals and expats alike - some clubs even stay open till 5am! Catch local talent at a live music venue or underground dance club one night, and chill at one of the local pubs/lounges spread across the city on another. Here are just some options to consider.

    If you finished our first list of coffee shops and still can't find your favorite spot, here's another good list curated by James Clark from NomadicNotes.com with more photos and descriptions on his blog.

    Here are all the useful locations near our space, just the basic necessities like ATM's, bubble tea, noodle shops and grocery store. All within walking distance for our guests.

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